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How to Fold a Throw Blanket

by Carlin Felder May 06, 2016

How to Fold a Throw Blanket

Do you know how to fold a throw blanket properly? Better Homes and Gardens put together a wonderful video showing 3 different styles of throw blanket folding.

It's interesting that there are 3 methods. There are probably a few more methods for folding throw blankets, but I think that each style appeals to a different type of person.

My mom prefers method #1, The Neat and Tidy. Her blankets are all perfectly folded and neatly arranged on her furniture. Everything is in its place.

I prefer method #2 - The Flip and Flop. I'm more of an artist and a lot less structured at home. Flip and flop goes right along with my favorite style of shoes, too.

How to Fold a Throw Blanket

Watch the Better Homes and Gardens video, and see the steps I've recapped below the video for your quick reference.

Method 1 - Neat and Tidy

  • Fold the throw in thirds
  • Now fold the throw in half
  • Drape neatly across the back of the sofa near one corner so that the throw aligns vertically with the seams in your cushions
  • Smooth the top of the sofa throw so that it lays flat
  • Gently smooth the bottom so it lays flat across the seat
  • Gently place your favorite throw pillows in front of the throw blanket

Method 2 - Flip and Flop

  • Fold the throw in half vertically or longways
  • Flip the throw in half over your forearm
  • Flop the throw diagonally from the back corner toward the middle of your sofa
  • Place throw pillows in front of your throw blanket casually for a relaxed look

Method 3 - Flip & Toss

  • Fold the blanket in half vertically
  • Take hold of the middle of the blanket with one hand
  • Let the blanket flop down on both sides
  • Toss the blanket across the back of the sofa diagonally from one corner towards the middle of your sofa so it has folds and looks like you just tossed it there 
  • Place a few throw pillows in front of your blanket so they look relaxed and casual

Now that you have 3 great methods to fold your throw blanket, have fun arranging your sofa throw today.

Let us know which style of throw blanket folder you are in the comments below.

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Carlin Felder
Carlin Felder