Alpaca Wool Scarves

Pewter Gray Alpaca Infinity Scarf


Pewter Gray is a timeless and sophisticated color for the person who needs a scarf to go with everything in their wardrobe. Not only is Pewter perfect with black, you can wear it with every color under the rainbow! I know you have a closet of clothes just waiting for this scarf :-)

Alpaca scarves are the perfect accessories for all regions and climates. You'll stay warm and cozy and feel like your neck is getting the BEST HUG EVER!

About Mauch Studio Alpaca Infinity Scarves

Alpaca fiber is woven into yarn and then hand-loomed into luxurious and soft scarves. Alpaca provides a warmth superior to wool and is hypo-allergenic. Because it comes from the Alpaca fiber it is always comfortable on the skin.

Alpaca has been revered for centuries as a material fit for royalty. It has a silky, eye-catching and elegant texture. This luxuriously woven Alpaca Infinity Scarf is incredibly soft yet extremely durable.

This infinity scarf is the product of Ecuador and is hand-made by artisans who take a lot of pride in their products. 

  • Colors: This Alpaca scarf features Pewter Grays subtly interwoven to make this the perfect accessory to keep you warm during cooler days. Color may vary slightly from photo.
  • Content: This infinity scarf is 80% Alpaca and 20% Acrylic.
  • Size: This will easily wrap around your neck twice.
  • Care: We recommend that you Dry Clean Only - washing may affect the luxurious look and feel of the Alpaca fibers.
  • Brushing: You can lightly brush with a soft bristle brush if desired in the direction of the fiber so that it maintains its luxurious appeal.

We import our Alpaca products from artisans located in Ecuador. See our blog for more information on our supplier base.





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