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About us

Mauch Studio Alpaca Wool Throw Blankets & Scarves

We are excited to bring luxurious Alpaca products from artisans in Ecuador to you.

For the past few years Ethel, who is in her 70's and one of the founders of Mauch Studio, has been traveling to Ecuador and bringing back blankets to sell as a fund raiser item for a non-profit. Year after year people come back to see the new products and add to their already colorful assortment of blankets and throws at home.

With such amazing success, the idea to start a business was born. Mauch Studio has been launched to bring products to more people than just the Pop-up markets in Ethel's north Texas town.

Why the name Mauch?

Mauch (mok) is an Indian name from the town Mauch Chunk, which is now known as Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania.

The Lenape Indians called it Màxkwchunk - a name derived from the term Mawsch Unk (Bear Place). The town has been called the "Switzerland of America" by the Swiss Tourist Board due to the picturesque scenery, mountainous location, and architecture.

The town is nestled in a lovely valley with a river running through it. Charming and cozy, the perfect inspiration for our brand...

In late 2015, Ethel, her husband Miller, and their daughter Carlin (who is a product designer) combined efforts to launch a blanket, throw, scarf and home goods line called Mauch Studio.

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Nowadays, Mauch Studio is becoming the family business and carries on a tradition of travel and comfort. 

Mauch Studio has its roots in heart-warming blankets and colorful comfort. Alpaca wool blankets are the perfect companion to cozy up with on your sofa next to the fire. 

Check out the Mauch Studio Blankets and other products today!


Carlin, Ethel & Miller